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Join the Unknown Adventurer on the journey where it all began - a journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.




"Every young adventurer should read this book"


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The original Journal which has now been carefully restored into the new book. 

Step into the explorer’s original journal that has been kept hidden from the world, until now...

....and discover an incredible story of adventure, all captured in the author's original diary entries, sketches and artworks.

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Pore over the map that started it all - a map that would lead the explorer and his companion Bibi, in search of a secret buried deep in the mountain rainforests.

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The rare map that was found tucked into the original journal, has been recreated and placed into each book.

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Explore 128 pages of sketches, detailed illustrations and original specimens that bring the natural world to life, like never before.

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Finally, uncover the truth about what really happened out there deep in the unknown. And why, even you will not breathe a word of what you have seen.  



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In 2019, Teddy journeyed back into the Amazon, following in the paddle strokes of the Unknown Adventurer.

“I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I had to know that the Last River was real. What we discovered there, deep within the Amazon jungle was beyond anything we could have imagined.”

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Journey To The Last River


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